8080 Jett Ferry Road Dunwoody, Georgia

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  • 8080 Jett Ferry Road is a unique 10.5 acre property situated within natural forest, on a dead-end street. The pre-civil war homestead is introduced and embraced by a cobblestone driveway, which was created from the cobblestones which once lined Luckie Street, in downtown Atlanta.
  • The front of the property is flanked by a white wooden fence with cobblestone pillars, marking entrances to the home and also the barn. At one time the now heavily wooded area between the barn and the home was a pasture wherein several horses grazed and provided endless entertainment for the family of seven who resided there.
  • The property is home to beautiful flora and fauna native to Georgia. Beautiful Dogwood trees, Japanese Cherry Trees, Apple, Pear and Magnolia trees are found abundantly on the property, as well as Azalea, Rhododendron and Hydrangea bushes. Enormous Oak trees surround the home and can be found throughout the property. Deer, foxes, squirrels and raccoons can be seen wandering through the property at various times of the year.
  • An inviting flagstone walkway directs visitors to the front porch and to the beautiful beveled glass door at the entrance of the home. However, most visitors and family made their entrances through the old farmhouse’s kitchen door, also at the front of the house. A stone wall surrounds a courtyard and front of the home. The courtyard has been a favorite location for several family weddings throughout the years.
  • The cedar sided farmhouse was built prior to the Civil War (1861), and when purchased in 1962 by its current owner was renovated and restored to its original beauty. The hardwood floors throughout the home are original, except in the portion of the home which was added in 1970 to increase the living space for the family. All of the rooms in the home have hardwood floors with the exception of the 5 bathrooms and the clay tile floors on the porches. The home has two stone, wood burning fireplaces, and one mud stacked, stone fireplace, which was closed during the 1962 restoration and renovation due to its primitive construction.
  • 12 foot ceilings and cool breezes from the Chattahoochee River kept the home cool in the summertime. There was no air-conditioning in the home until the renovation in 1970. In the evenings, with the window screens open we could hear Owls and Whippoorwills calling in the night. Originally, there was a screened, sleeping porch on one side of the house, which provided for cooler sleeping when the Atlanta evenings were especially hot. That porch was constantly used as the family gathering place. In 1970 the addition included a larger screened porch and the smaller one was enclosed with French doors which opened to the new porch. In 1990 a swimming pool was added off the screened porch for family enjoyment.
  • There are 2 additional permanent structures on the property. One is a barn which contains several stalls for the horses once owned by the family. It is a fairly large barn with an upstairs for storing hay and feed for the horses. It is part of the original homestead. The second structure, which is also part of the original homestead, is much smaller, and we believe it was probably used as a chicken coop at sometime. The family used it as a place for family pets to receive reprieve from the heat during the summertime and the cold during the winter.
  • This is a unique property; there is no other like it, which has endless possibilities for use. It is enchanting. When its owners stumbled upon the dilapidated farmhouse in 1962, they realized the work that would be involved in restoring it to its original function and beauty, but were captivated by its charm. In an attempt to respect the integrity of the original property, the owners have made changes than only enhanced the natural beauty and surroundings of the home. The estate is a refuge in the middle of an ever expanding city.